Policies, Procedures, Terms and Conditions

I represent that I am the Owner and/ or authorized Owner Representative of this Pet and am fully authorized to enter this agreement.

I represent that my Pet(s) meets all of the following requirements:
- Is current on his/ her required vaccinations,
- Is on flea/tick preventative medication,
- Has been in good health for the least 30 days prior to check-in
- Is not agreesive
- Will enter and exit the boarding facility on an Owner-provided leash,

The care and services provided under this Agreement consist of the following responsibilities:
- Feed the pet(s) and change water bowls
- Play with the pet(s)
- Clean up and dispose of any pet waste
- Wash and tidy up bowls
- Brush and wash pet(s) *(for the pet(s) who stay longer than 5 days)

I understand “The Barkskies” Furcare can ONLY accept pet(s) that are socialized with people and other pets. If your Pet exhibits behavior determined to be a safety risk to staff, other boarding Pet(s) or itself, “The Barkskies” Furcare has the right to refuse admittance at anytime to your Pet.

“The Barkskies ”Furcare requires that all pets be vaccinated against communicable diseases and provide physical ocumentation by a lincensed veterinarian prior to boarding, “The Barkskies” Furcare reserves the right to refuse admittance to any pet that shows signs of illness or that does not meet vaccination requirements.
- Rabies – must have been given at least 2 weeks before stay
- 6 in 1 vaccine (Canine Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, Canine Parainfulenza, Canine Leptospirosis, Canine Parvovirus, Canine Corona virus.) Despite these precautions, Owner acknowledges that Owner’s Pet will be in an environment with other pets during boarding and undersand that any pet may habor and spread a communicable disease. Owner releases “The Barkskies” Furcare from, and waives all claims and liability against “The Barkskies” Furcare for all losses, damages, costs and expenses arising out of or in connection with any communicable disease contracted by Owner’s Pet(s) during boarding. Owner understands and agrees to abide by “The Barkskies” Furcare vaccination policy at all times.

All pet(s) must be clean; free of fleas, ticks and worms, and currently on a regular flea/tick maintenance program. (i.e. Revolution, Simparica, etc.) as well as, a monthly heartworm prevention program. I agree that if any fleas or ticks are discovered on my pet(s) during check-in or at any other time while my Pet(s) is receiving services at “The Barkskies” Furcare, that a flea and tick bath (unless Owner indicateds a medical reason not administering), or a flea spot treatment may be give at the Owner’s expense. If it is determinded that the Pet(s) cannot be bathed with a flea treatment shampoo and infestation appears severe or concern to other guests, “The Barkskies” Furcare may refuse to accept your Pet(s) and cancel the reservation.

I assert that my Pet has not had any contagious illnesses of any kind for the past 30 days prior to check-in. I am aware and understand that “The Barkskies” Furcare employees are not veterinarians and do not have backgounds in animal medicine. “The Barkskies” Furcare employees cannot diagnose or detect illnesses in pets that are staying at the “The Barkskies” Furcare facility. I gree to assume all risk associated with the adminisitartion of medications by “The Barkskies” Furcare staff during my Pet’s stay.
In addition, I acknowledge and am aware that vaccine do not protect against all contagios illness that may affect my pet(s).

Owner acknowldeges that is shall be solely responsible for any and all acts of behavior of his/her Pet(s) while in the care of “The Barkskies” Furcare. This includes damage to any facility structure and/or property. Beds destroyed by the Pet(s) while boarded at “The Barkskies” Furcare will be charged accordingly and show as an additional charge on the final statement. Actual damage to suite, including walls, flooring, framing, mat or door will be charged on an individual basis when damage is asserssed.
Owner understands that he/she has the right to request that any loose items be removed from suite to prevent possible chewing damage. Owner also understands that bedding from home may be used during stay.

Owner releases “The Barkskies” Furcare from, and waives all claims and liability against “The Barkskies” Furcare for damage to, or loss of personal equipment of belongings provided by Owner for the Pet(s) while pet is boarded. Items not taken home at the check-out will be discarded if not picked up within one week of check-out date.

“The Barkskies” Furcare will carefully evaluate and take every precaution to safeguard the well-being of each pet and will provide as safe as environment as possible. Owner is fully aware of and assumes the inherent risk associated with group play activities and accepts all risk of injury ot your Pet(s) during time “The Barkskies” Furcare has care, custody and control of your Pet(s).
If you DO NOT wish for your Pet(s) to participate in GROUP PLAY please initial here.

If an injury or life-threatening illness occurs, “The Barkskies” Furcare will make every effort to contact Owner and The Pet’s regulat vet prior to evaluation or treatment; however, in the event the Pet Owner cannot be reached in a timely manner, it is understood that “The Barkskies” Furcare has permission to act in the Pet’s best interest and seek immediate treatment. It is understood that if an injust or life-threatening illness occurs, “The Barkskies” Furcare in its sold discretion may engage the services of a local Veterinary Clinic for evaluation and treatment in order to keep your Pet stable. If you have preferred emergency facility that “The Barkskies” Furcare could contact, please list including address and contact information. EMERGENCY FACILITY:
Transportation to Veterinary Clinic: Owner agrees that if his/her Pet(s) must be transported to or from “The Barkskies” Furcare by the facility owner, employees or agents that he/she agrees to hold “The Barkskies” Furcare, its owner, employees or agent harmless in the event of injury or accident during transportsion.

Owner understands that if his/her Pet(s) is not picke up within (5) calendar days after the Pet is scheduled for pick-up, the Pet shall be deemed abandoned. Owner shall remain liable for all unpaid boarding fees.

Pet Owner agrees to provide each Pet staying at “The Barkskies” Furcare with some type of identification. (Hanging ID on collar, microchip, etc.)
I agree that “The Barkskies” Furcare may take a photo of my Pet(s) to keep on file and use as a method of pet identification for “The Barkskies” Furcare’s facility services.

Owner must provide a one-night non-refundable deposit(s) per week reserved for each time period requested. Payment may be made with cash or mobile banking.
Owner acknowledges that each non-refundable deposit shall under no circumstance be returned by “The Barkskies” Furcare to Owner at any time or for any reason, including:
- Owner cancels his/her plans at anytime leading up to confirmed reservation or
- Owner chooses to make other boarding arrangments at a facility other that “The Barkskies” Furcare for the same time period.

For major holidays: Thingyan (Water festival), Thadingyut (End of Buddhist Lent), Thazaungdaing Festival, Christmas & New Year, a minimum of 4 nights must be booked. For theses holidays a deposit of ½ of the stay is required.
A minimum stay of 2 nights is required for reservations around other (Myanmar Government) holidays. A deposit equal to 2 nights’ stay per suite is required in order to secure a reservation. Deposits are non-refundable but will apply toward future stays.
HOLIDAY CLOSINGS: “The Barkskies” Furcare is closed on the days of Thingyan (Water festival), Thadingyut (End of Buddhist Lent), Thazaungdaing Festival, Christmas & New Year for drop offs and pick ups. Eve Day “The Barkskies”Furcare is open from 8am to 1pm by appoinment for drop offs and pick ups.

Owner agrees to pay the current rate for all boarding charges on the date of check-in at “The Barkskies” Furcare. Any additional costs incurred or services requested during your Pet’s stay (bathing, swimming, special food/items purchased on behalf of owner, damages, etc.) would be charged before check-out. Owner understands and agrees that a pet shall not leave “The Barkskies” Furcare untill all outstanding charges are paid by the Owner.

Owner acknowledges that he/she is aware that “The Barkskies” Furcare’s drop off and pick up hours are: Monday – Sunday 9am – 5pm by appoinment ONLY!
“The Barkskies” Furcare’s operating rates are based on a 24-hour period. Inquire about extra charges for pick up later in the day if drop off was early in the morning. Owner further understands that any request made to drop off or pick up Pet(s) outside of these hours is considered an “after hours” accommodation, and as such, is subject to an “after hours” fee for each time requeste.
Owner further acknowledges that any “after hours” accommodation reqeust must be made in advance with “The Barkskies” Furcare. “The Barkskies” Furcare understands that circumstances sometimes require “after hours” service and will make every reasonalbe effort to accommodate such request; however, Owner undersands that this may not always be possible as “The Barkskies” Furcare is also a private residence.

Any notice of cancellation or reduction of stay given with less than 24 hours’ notice will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to 2 nights’ stay (per head reserved). In addition, the deposit previously made toward the stay being cancelled is not transferable to a new booking, but will be used as the cancellation fee for the booking cancelled.

Owner understands that this contract contains the entire agreement between he parties. Regarding any future stays at “The Barkskies” Furcare, Owner acknowledges that the terms and conditions of its facility may chage over time as deemed appropriate or necessary by “The Barkskies” Furcare. Because of this, “The Barkskies” Furcare makes a current boarding contract avaialbe for review at anytime prior to boarding or up to time of check-in should it be requested by the Owner. It is further understood that regardless of Owner’s election to review the current boarding contract or not, the current boarding contract at the time of each new check-in shall be deemed in effect and agreed to by Owner. All terms and coditions of this contract shall be binding on the heirs, administrators, Owner Representative and Assigns of the Owner and “The Barkskies” Furcare.

CopyRight @ “The Barkskies” Furcare

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